Getting started with my first storyline was weird. I knew how my characters looked like and did, and how I wanted the story to play out, but the problem was all in my head. I have yet to transfer what was in my head onto paper and pen. What I did first was, look at my situation. I was alone in all of this and had no mentor. All I had was my creative ability which would have to be enough. I had to do all the writing, drawing, penciling, and inking by myself. I was the “ONE MAN” show. When I looked at what I had to work with, I figured I had everything I needed, except a printer. I had my old laptop and art supplies. I was good to go. Well, at first I wanted something easy to put my thoughts down on. It wasn’t a voice recorder, but you could certainly use one if it’s your thing. I wanted to put my thoughts using my voice and I used “Google Docs” for that. That took me about 2 months to finish my horror book. The comic book took longer. I created my characters in 1996 to present. It took me awhile to finally do something with my creations. Better late than never. Anyway, after I put my story on “Google Docs” just by using my Mobile Phone, I transferred my documents to “Microsoft Word”. From there I started to edit my work.  Using “” which is a free grammar spell checker you can download from your computer, it made my job so much easier. That’s what you want people. There is no need to make this a nightmare project. End of this story is, the only problem with getting started is, not getting started. I’m an action taker. Are you? Take care guys and I hope this helps. Keep coming back to see my other posts. Next post will be about the Legal Stuff, Trademarks, Copyrights, etc. 
I’ve decided to self-publish my own books. I might change my mind later on and try a publishing house, but for now, I self-published at CREATE-SPACE. They are a series of short stories called, “Hidden Night Terrors”. Now I’m no Goosebumps, nor I’m I trying to be. If there is any advice to give you it’s, “Be yourself”. 

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I’m a Graphic Artist, Cartoonist, Writer, Copywriter, and Marketer. I’m currently working on my comic books, graphic novels and I just finished publishing my first book, which is a series of short horror stories. Some are still in the works. You can find out all about it on my sites.
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I made a verity of covers to choose from for The Monsters, the Atheist, and Caddo Lake.

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